Smart Site Solutions: Broadband and Dialup Terms and Conditions

Broadband and Dialup

The following terms and conditions apply to the SmartSite Solutions Broadband service:

Free domain name registration

Please note that if you opt to take advantage of our free domain name registration (included with new SmartSite Solutions Broadband accounts), you will automatically be charged for the renewal of the domain 30 days prior to it's expiry (either one or two years later on).


The service will be installed at your local exchange by a BT, or other qualified engineer, on the date requested during the sign up process. The engineer will not need to visit your premises. A line test will be carried out to ensure the service can be provided at your premises. During installation you may lose your telephone connection for up to two hours. We will use reasonable skill and care in delivering the service on the date agreed, but are not liable for any failure to meet any deadline.

Line Testing Failure

If during line testing and installation we are unable to deliver the service, we will inform you as soon as possible. Your original line will be restored, and you will be offered either a full refund or an alternative service. If we are unable to activate the service due to your act or omission, or due to incorrect information being provided at signup, we will charge you a failed connection fee of £30 plus VAT.

You are responsible for ensuring you have an existing BT telephone line, and the correct equipment is installed and working at your premises. This includes a line filter, ADSL modem and computer. You must ensure that any equipment attached to the broadband service is technically compatible with that service, and does not breach relevant legislation or telecommunications industry standards.

Contract Duration

If you are new to Broadband and are signing up for the first time, your minimum contract term is one month from when your line is first activated.

If you migrate to SmartSite Solutions from another Broadband supplier your minimum contract term is three months from when your line is first activated.


The service provides you with access to the internet. You accept that you use the internet at your own risk and subject to any applicable laws. We have no responsibility for any goods, services, information, software or other materials you may use or purchase over the internet connection provided.


Equipment provided, or purchased, as part of this service is covered in accordance with existing consumer protection legislation.

Cancellations & Refunds

SmartSite Solutions may charge a connection fee for the provision of broadband services. If broadband activation on your line fails for any reason outside your control SmartSite Solutions will refund this connection fee and any fees charged for the broadband service.

If you cancel your ADSL before the activation date.
We charge you for your:

  • Connection/migration fee.
  • 1st month's rental.
  • Your hardware.
  • Any domain registration fees.

If you cancel your ADSL within the minimum term of your contract.
We charge you for the remainder of your minimum term. You must give us 1 month's notice even if you are in your minimum term.

If you cancel your ADSL after completing the minimum term of your contract.
You must give us one full month's notice in writing if you wish to leave. When you give us notice we will charge you for the remainder of the month you are in plus one full month's notice.
If you chose to pay us for 12 months in advance, the same cancellation terms apply and we refund you for any months outside of your contract term and notice period you have paid for, but do not use.

Notes relating to refunds and cancellations:

  • We are unable to offer refunds for hardware.
  • For all new ADSL customers - minimum contract term is 1 month only.
  • For all migrating customers - minimum contract term is 3 months.
  • All customers may choose to pay monthly or annually.
  • Connection fee is £50 + VAT.
  • Migration charge (only payable on cancellation within the first three months of your contract) is £40 + VAT.

Typical domain name registration fees are: domains £2.95 +VAT per year (with a minimum two year registration period valued at £5.90 + VAT), .com domains £9.00 +VAT per year.

Please note: by signing up for any of our services you agree to be bound by all SmartSite Solutions terms and conditions.